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About Rosa Parks by Marcus Jones.

Rosa Parks was a civil rights leader.
I wish I was alive back then just to meet her.
She got on the bus and sat down to rest her feet.
She got arrested because she didn't want to give up her seat.

She wanted blacks and whites to form a better nation.
the bus incident led to the Montgomery improvement association.
She was born 1913 February the Fourth.
She was born in Alabama but later on in life she moved up north.

At the age of two she moved to a farm.
She was a big help her grand parents said she was a charm.
On December 1st 1955 she was arrested for breaking a rule.
Because of her effort many years later in her name, they created a school.

Rosa went to school to become a great teacher.
The civil rights movement was born because of her and Dr. King, a great preacher.
Her work got done because she prayed and called upon her Lord.
Because of her great deed she received a freedom award.

Because of Rosa Parks, I can ride without a fuss.
Because of rosa parks, I can sit in the frunt of the bus.
Rosa was tired, so she did what she had to do.
If I could tell her something I would tell her thank you.

About Gloria Naylor by Marcus Jones

Gloria naylor was born in 1950 on janurary 25 in new york city.
After her birth Roosevelt naylor (mother) and Albert naylor (father) were drafted to the armed forces,
so gloria was forced to moved with her maternal grandmother and grandfather.

In 1951 Roosevelt and Albert naylor had a little girl named Fanny Bernice naylor.
In 1952 Albert naylor was discharge from the armed forces.
In 1954 roosevel and albert naylor had another little girl named Carolyn naylor.
Gloria and her family moved alot when she was young.
After the birth of gloria's little sister they moved to the upper bronx in new york city.
Also when albert was discharged from the service he became a master framer in a custom frameshop.
In 1960 Gloria and her family moved to an apartment building on west 199th street which was owned by her maternal grandmother until she died.
After three years passed they moved back to New York city in queens.
In 1964 gloria's maternal grandfather died (Henry Naylor),
after a few months later her maternal grandmother (Callie Canada Naylor) moved to chicago.
Gloria and her family lived in their maternal grandmother's apartment until 1967 until the apartment was destroyed.
She found another apartment in Queens.
Gloria graduated from highschool and got baptized as a Jehovah's witness,
she also became a minister.
Her paternal father left from being a minister, to become a transit worker.
Gloria's paternal grandmother died.
Gloria got a job with her paternal grandfather as a switchboard operator.
In 1974 Gloria got another job to support her work as a Jehovah's witness,
after awhile she moved out of her paternal grandfather's house, and went to live in Jacksonville Florida.
In 1975 Gloria left the Jehovah's witnesses and went to college to study nursing, in Brooklyn New York.
In 1981 she got married and she graduated with a B. A. from Brooklyn college,
and she started working in Afro American studies at Yale University.
She also wrote a book called A Woman Of Brewster Place.
The year after, she published the book, she received the American book award, for best novel of A Woman Of Brewster Place.
In that year, she also received her M. A. from Yale.
She also got the distinguished winter award from the Mid Atlantic Winter Association.

In 1975, Gloria published Linden Hills, which was her masters thesis, at Yale.
She also received the national endowment from the arts fellowship.
In 1986, she received the Landaco award, from the national coalition of 100 black women.
Two years later, she published another book, called Mama Day.
In 1989, The Women Of Brewster Place aired on A. B. C. television as a mini series, starring Oprah Winfrey.
She received the Lillian Smith award.
Three years later, Gloria published a new book, called Bailey's Cafe.
In 1996, she was known as the editor of Children Of The Night,
which was the best short stories by black writers.
In 1999, Gloria, finally finished up A Woman Of Brewster Place.
The book was called A Man Of Brewster Place.
She was a great Afro American writer.

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